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With the anti-ban system, third-party programmers attempt to maintain your account from being officially outlawed by WhatsApp. Some WhatsApp mods likewise utilize this mechanism. This is a fantastic feature of Maduwa WhatsApp. Now you will not have to worry about the restriction system anymore due to the fact that right here we have an anti-ban mechanism.

meet new friends

This app adds the lively and fun feature of shaking to meet new friends. You can make new friends anytime, anywhere and open the door to socialising. No longer do you have to worry about being too shy to ask people for their contact details.

High-quality of images and videos

The most recent variation of Maduwa WhatsApp is not such as the insane official WhatsApp that reduces the quality when sharing media files. With Maduwa Mods, you can send high-grade images as well as video clips to your calls. With the brand-new upgraded feature, you are even able to send 1Gb of data each time. You can also send out greater than 10 photos at a time. Share top quality media data.

Theme Store and New Sticker Packs Added

In Maduwa WhatsApp, you can use the themes to add amazing new themes to your WhatsApp. Taking pleasure in all these themes is additionally completely complimentary. You should learn about sticker label packs. Well, with the brand-new update of Maduwa WhatsApp, you can add sticker packs and personalized sticker tag loads. You can additionally download and install sticker label tag loads from the game store.

Anti-revoke Messages and Status

Maybe you are feeling anxious about the deleted messages in your chat history. Now, don’t worry about those permanently deleted messages anymore, because you are using the greatest WhatsApp mod, “Maduwa WhatsApp”. With it, you can conveniently see those deleted messages. You can also see the status of your friends, for example, if your friend on the list, raised his status and deleted it, you can see it by using this anti-revocation status feature.

Customization Features

Maduwa WhatsApp Latest Version 2023 has customized features with which you are able to do lots of things like, able to customize ‘who can call you’, ‘who can message you‘, even you can customize your contacts profile pictures as well as status. You can customize themes, emojis, launcher icons, sticker packs, etc. Even you can change the notification icons of Maduwa WhatsApp.

Message a number without saving any contact

You are able to message any WhatsApp contact number without saving the number. As well as you can call them without saving the number.

DND mode

There is a DND mode also available in Maduwa WhatsApp. It’s a great feature to stay out of people’s interruptions. Simply turn on DND mode and stay out of stress. You can easily turn on this feature. So what do you think of this DND mode? Download Maduwa WhatsApp APK now.

Caller ID

More and more of the original WhatsApp mods now have the feature that users can call anyone, even if they are not their contact. This is a convenience for many people and an annoyance for many others. When you are called by some unfamiliar phone, you will certainly feel distressed. Because it is not your familiar contact, it is more likely to be a fraudulent text message. But Maduwa WhatsApp Latest Version offers Caller ID, a feature that helps you filter spam calls efficiently. You can clearly understand if the caller is a scam caller by Caller ID and choose whether to answer it or not.

NAME Maduwa WA
Updated On 2023/10/07
Version 18.0
Publisher Maduwa Mods
Size 55 MB
Requires Android 5.1 and above
Mod Features Free Download

You can download it from the download link given below to get Maduwa Mods WA for Free.

What's News In V18.0

Improved Anti-ban very much for now

Base Updated
πŸ“Œ Exclusive Added "Mark As Read" inside chat when hide blue tick is enabled
Added See Original Message before Edit(You Can Copy Original Message)
Added Save feature for new Video Messages
Added New Home Screen (Maduwa Mods)
Added icon next to "Edited" for users to notice
️ Enabled send Quick Video Message (click once on mic icon)
Enabled New Navbar UI
️ Enabled Send media in HD
Enabled Pin message for 24hr, 7 days or 30 days
Enabled Share Status on Facebook (Status tab > Status Privacy)
️Update Added Hide Play Voice/Video notes option
Fixed Calls banner bug in home screen
Fixed Voice note banner bug with One UI
Fixed Delete For Everyone as Admin in Groups not taking color
Fixed Hidden chat showing in App icon shortcuts
Fixed Search in groups tab
Fixed Daily local backup
Fixed Online payments crash
Misc General bug fixes

πŸ“ŒMore features and improvements!

Download Maduwa WhatsApp Apk

Finally you have reached the main section of our website that is Downloading the Maduwa WA Apk latest version for android. Click on below download page button and download the apk file from the next page.

FAQ – Maduwa WhatsApp

01 What is Maduwa WhatsApp? Maduwa WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by Maduwa Mods, providing users with enhanced features and functionalities to elevate their messaging experience.

02 Where can I download Maduwa WhatsApp? You can download Maduwa WhatsApp from the official publishing platform at ““.

03 What is the size of the Maduwa WhatsApp APK? The size of the Maduwa WhatsApp APK is 68MB.

04 Can I disable the Typing Toast feature? Yes, you can disable the Typing Toast feature in the settings by navigating to “Maduwa Mods > Settings > Toast Setting > Typing Toast”.

05 How can I translate messages directly within the message box? You can translate messages by clicking on the Translate icon inside the message box. A 1-click selects the language, and a long-click allows you to change the language.

06 Is there an option to disable direct translate? Yes, you can disable direct translate by going to “Maduwa Mods > Settings > Conversation > Entry Style > Translate”.

07 Can I preview images and videos without saving them to my phone? Yes, SPWhatsApp allows you to preview images and videos without saving them to your phone.

08 What is the Repost option for Story/Status? The Repost option enables you to share someone else’s Story/Status with your contacts.

09 How can I create backups in Maduwa WhatsApp? Maduwa WhatsApp creates backups in .zip file format for easy storage and retrieval.

10 Can I download the profile picture of any user? Yes, Maduwa WhatsApp allows you to download the profile picture of any user.

11 What options are available when tapping on Chat Bubble? Tapping on Chat Bubble allows you to Modify Chat, Translate, Change Translator Language, Extract URLs, view Message Details, and more. You can enable/disable this feature in settings.

12 Are there media resolution options in Maduwa WhatsApp? Yes, Maduwa WhatsApp offers Media Resolution settings for photos, videos, and status quality.

13 Can I create and vote in polls within groups? Yes, Maduwa WhatsApp enables you to create polls and participate in group voting.

14 Is there a feature to forward media with captions? Yes, Maduwa WhatsApp allows you to forward media with captions to your contacts.

15 How can I enable the Message Scheduler and Autoresponder features? The Message Scheduler and Autoresponder features can be accessed via the respective UI design in the settings.

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